Duffy, Sens, Supermodel...

It's been interesting last two days.. assignments took me from covering the first day of suspended Senator Mike Duffy's trial, media invite to Ottawa Senators team photo shoot to shooting an event at Bayshore Shopping Centre where local super model showed up..

Arrived at Ottawa courhouse by 6AM to shoot an early stand-up with a reporter but even at the early hours, there were members of media already at the scene. By the time Mike Duffy arrived, it turned into a media frenzy and I almost tripped as I was walking backwards with the pack. It's assignments like these where you stand around and wait for hours then mad dash to get the best position, you truly realize what a shitty cardiovascular level one possess.. still, it's always great to see friends and colleagues on the job.

Ottawa Senators invited members of media to cover the team photo day. I never done this assignment before but was instructed to arrive at Canadian Tire Centre at certain at certain gate etc.. we were given 90 seconds to take the photos which was followed by interviews with some players and coach. Without getting into too much details, tighter shot of the photo led to some interesting comments on the newspaper's Facebook page.

I was mostly busy running around like a headless chicken..

Super model Herieth Paul (Angie's Model and Talent International) at an event hosted at Bayshore shopping centre for H&M's new line of clothing along with Elle Magazine Canada.