Leica! | NPAC Conference in Toronto

I had an opportunity to try the legendary Leica camera during the News Photographers Association of Canada's conference this past weekend in Toronto. I didn't even know the model name until I returned it at the end of the day but it was M10 + Summilux 35mm f/1.4 lens.

I suck at street photography.. I wasn't finding anything I really wanted to capture as I walked around downtown Toronto plus first time using rangefinder was a fun challenge but challenge none the less. Luckily I ran into Melanie and Jamall who were taking photos at one of many graffiti alleys and they were awesome enough to let me tag along with them and take photos of them.

Here are the results. (Click on the image to scroll through the gallery)

Magazine works | Luxe & Ottawa Style

Long overdue blog but being a new dad and buying a motorcycle have kept me away from online sphere to enjoying dad life and burning rubber on asphalt. 

 Rod Lahey from Roderick Lahey Architects for LUXE magazine.

Rod Lahey from Roderick Lahey Architects for LUXE magazine.

 Singer Rebecca Noelle photographed for Ottawa Style magazine (Postmedia).

Singer Rebecca Noelle photographed for Ottawa Style magazine (Postmedia).




DIY Moto Inc X James Park Photography

Recent collaboration with local business DIY Moto Inc. resulted in short video with two different edits. Awesome local business for those that own a motorcycle! bring ya bikes in and do some wrench work yourself.

1 min. short version for general social media usage.

3 min. extended edition. I like this version but my wife who cares not about motorcycle has provided me with her professional opinion.. 'I can't watch this. it's too long.' Back to the cutting room for 1 min. version..



Capital Rap Battles - Capital Punishment 2

I want to be able to write something smart and talk about idea, purpose behind the photos.. but I don't have any of that.. I just showed up with my camera to document the event. Scratching the surface a bit. Hoping to translate some of the verbal intensity to visual.. Keyword being 'hoping'.

I do have some thoughts though.. (good to know brain isn't in sleep mode)

The way hip hop is consumed by the audience through mainstream outlets compared to local grassroot level events are vastly different in experience as one might imagine. The amount of cost and effort to put on a big show at major stage/venue may have its appeals but for the audiences attending local events for the first time may find it surprising to experience pretty amazing cost to mind blown/entertainment ratio. Kind of like UFC with words and without Dana White. The battles between bboys/bgirls, DJs, and MCs in hip hop culture is probably one of the most raw and purest form of measurement of skill and talent in art. I could be wrong.. hence 'probably'. Will just have to keep on digging.

Lastly, I need to blog more often..


Capital Rap Battles - Capital Punishment 2 @Happy Goat Cafe/Ottawa

Oct. 14, 2017